Switzerland | Zurich

Pink Apple Festival: The queerest Film Festival in Switzerland!

Andreas Bühlmann talks to us about the PinkApple Festival – the biggest gay and lesbian film festival in Switzerland. This year it takes place from 28.4.-7.5.2020 in Zurich and from 8.-10.5.2020 in Frauenfeld.


Climbing the seven highest mountains in the world – with a rainbow flag!

A group of queer people climbs to the highest peaks in the world and waves a rainbow flag at the top: The pink summit campaign wants to raise awareness for violence against queer people in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and help create visibility.



Gay Honeymoon in Budapest

The new Honeymoon in Budapest program, launched by the Humen Travel Tourism Association for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) tourist destination marketing, aims to better the position for LGBTQ tourists in Budapest by inviting honeymooners into the city. The Leongs, Shinchi and Guzifer, invited by the Humen Travel Tourism Association, were the first to spend a magical week in the Hungarian capital recently.



Design line 4 – Zurich’s most artistic tram

If you are planning a trip to the gay-friendly Swiss city of Zurich this year, we have a special tip for you: a trip past the city’s art hotspots – getting off optional. And the price is unbeatable, because the vehicle is a normal tram. The somewhat different city tour.



Bangkok: The Beautiful Unknown

Thailand’s capital city is known as a cultural metropolis, scene hotspot and shopping paradise. But Bangkok offers much more: Often only a few kilometers away from the tourist streams you can find lush green nature, village idyll and forgotten temples. …



Video: Spartacus TV – Across the US by train!

In this new episode of SpartacusTV, Ulli Pridat visits the US and takes you on a trip from Florida to New York – by train! He shows you how you sleep in one of the famous Amtrak sleeping cars and brings you the best pictures of his trip on the American East Coast.



Hottest gay beaches: Koh Samui, Thailand

Wanting to escape the European winter? Ko Samui is an island in the Gulf of Thailand about 35 kilometres from the Thai mainland. The gay friendliness of the Thais and the vibrant nightlife are just two of the reasons why the resort is so popular with gays. We introduce you to two of the most beautiful and gay friendly beaches on the island:



URUGUAY: A great small country

It is considered to be the LGBTIQ* friendliest country in South America: Uruguay offers a lot of culture and nature as well as a committed community that sees itself as part of society.


Rwanda | Kigali

Video: SpartacusTV – RWANDA: Visiting the world’s last mountain gorillas

In this episode of SpartacusTV, Ulli Pridat visits Rwanda. The country in East Africa is very interesting: it ranks fourth in the world in terms of equality between men and women. Plus, it is one of the more liberal African countries regarding homosexuality.



Guatemala | 21.01.2020

First openly gay congressman in Guatemala

Aldo Dávila has been working for HIV-positive people in Guatemala for decades and makes no secret of his status. Now he has moved into the parliament of the Central American state – and declared that he fears for his life every day.


Poland | 08.01.2020

Art censorship: Hard times for queer artists in Warsaw?

The Polish Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński appointed Piotr Bernatowicz as the new director of the Centre for Modern Art in Warsaw, who is assigned to the right spectrum. Many artists fear a turnaround in Poland’s art scene.


Hungary | 09.12.2019

World AIDS Day in Budapest

For this years World AIDS Day, the Budapest’s Chain Bridge turned red. It is a tradition that the bridge receives special illumination on socially relevant memorial days. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge was illuminated for the first time on 1 December 2019 in connection with World AIDS Day in the color of the red ribbon that became the symbol of the fight against AIDS.


Brazil | 16.10.2019

Brazil: Judge overturns Bolsonaro’s stop to fund queer cinema

Brazil’s homophobic President Jair Bolsonaro cancelled funding for TV shows six weeks ago because he disapproved of its content. He described the financial support for social projects, including LGBTIQ* films, as “money wasted”. Now a federal judge declared the financial freeze null and void.


China | 01.10.2019

Chinese social media platform bans homosexual content

The Chinese social media and video platform TikTok seems to be a prime example of censorship. TikTok had already recently been criticized for censoring the protest in Hong Kong and thus creating a distorted picture of opinion. It has now become known that the company is also blocking content that shows, advertises or promotes homosexuality.


Germany | 27.09.2019

Refugees need more information about sexual diversity

German sex educators and integration commissioners on Thursday called for increased sexual education measures for fugitives. At the conference on “Sexual Diversity and Flight”, one of the topics discussed was how to overcome existing prejudices.