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What a change: a small, dreamy port on the South China Sea has turned into one of the metropolises of the 21st century. That comprises gay life, naturally.




Barbados: Civil partnership instead of life in prison

Mia Amor (!) Mottley. That is the name of the Prime Minister of Barbados. Lesbians and gays on the former British island could well write her into the history books as the gods’ messengers of love. Until now, homosexuality has been punishable by life imprisonment.


Poland | 29.09.2020

Poland: 50 ambassadors stand up for queers

In an open letter, 50 diplomats from countries all over the world criticised the Polish government and the current situation of the queer community in Germany’s neighbouring country. They recalled that universal human rights should be available to every citizen. The Polish Foreign Minister rejected the accusations and spoke of #fakenews.


Senegal | 25.09.2020

Senegal: Detained men need help

Following the arrest of 10 gay men in the city of Touba in Senegal, local LGBTIQ* organisations are asking for help: there is no money to release a prisoner and evacuate the victims.


Italy | 24.09.2020

Pope: “Lesbians and gays are also children of God”

Pope Francis met with parents of LGBTIQ*s last week and expressed his support for homosexual people.


Iran | 22.09.2020

Almost two out of three queer Iranians* experience violence from their families

These are incredible figures: More than four out of ten queer Iranians*, i.e. almost half of all respondents, have already been victims of sexual violence or rape – again mostly starting from their own families. This is the result of research by the leading Iranian queer organisation 6Rang, which shows how widespread violence against queer people is in the West Asian country.


Finland | 21.09.2020

Kisses, burgers and bigotry: Homophobes etch against fast food advertising

When two mascots kiss, the intolerants snort with rage. That’s what happened in Finland, where fast food giant Burger King installed billboards to celebrate Helsinki Pride Week 2020. The message of the advertisement: Love conquers all. Arch-conservatives are upset about this and claim that gay kisses have nothing to do with love – but with perversion.