Japanese politician fears population extinction because of queers

A member of parliament from a district in northern Tokyo came under fire because he said his district would “perish” if sexual minority rights were protected by law.



Conversion therapy: European-wide ban by EU Commission?

61 members of the “LGBTI Intergroup” in the European Parliament have addressed a joint letter to the EU Commission calling for an EU-wide ban on so-called conversion processes (“homo-/trans*healing”).


Japan | 13.10.2020

Despite Corona: “Olympic Pride House” opens in Tokyo

While the Olympic Games in Tokyo had to be postponed for a year, Tokyo insisted on opening at least the Olympic Pride House to the public. So instead of opening at the same time as the Olympics, the Pride House opened on 11th October, the International Coming Out Day.


Russia | 11.10.2020

Rainbow flags on Putin’s birthday – Pussy Riot members arrested

They celebrated Putin’s 68th birthday on 7 October by attaching rainbow flags to five important government buildings in Moscow. The gifted, queer leader of the country does not seem to have liked the gesture: At least four members of Pussy Riot have been arrested – another has now been sentenced to 30 days in prison.


Ukraine | 09.10.2020

Kiev: Right-wing extremists destroy queer rainbow campaign

On the occasion of the international coming-out day, a 140-metre high rainbow flag shone over the city. The slogan: “It is good to be different together! The responsible persons of KyivPride wanted to set an example against the increasing queer hatred, especially in Eastern Europe.


Hungary | 07.10.2020

Orbán calls on homosexuals to “Leave our children alone!”

The trigger for the renewed attack on the queer community is a Hungarian fairy tale book that aims to promote diversity with older, physically challenged or POC characters – and in which Cinderella is portrayed as a lesbian. The collection of fairy tales divides society, a petition against the book has already received more than 80,000 signatures, and Hungarian booksellers draw parallels with the Nazi book-burning. Nevertheless, the publishers of the book have reason to rejoice.