Russia | 08.02.2021

“Mortal Danger” – Drama about two queer Chechens

Two queer men who escaped torture in Chechnya were abducted by police in Russia and deported back to their home country. There they are currently being held, interrogated and threatened – without access to legal representation. The queer organisation Russian …


USA | 05.02.2021

New York lifts controversial ‘walking while trans’ ban

On February 2, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law in New York that repeals a controversial law commonly known as the “Walking While Trans” ban.


Honduras | 04.02.2021

Honduras: “Constitutional ban” against gay marriage

Members of the Honduran parliament have voted in favour of a constitutional amendment that makes it much harder to change existing laws.


Indonesia | 01.02.2021

Banda Aceh: 77 lashes for gay love

All protests, complaints and pleas remained in vain: On Thursday, 28 January 2021, the young couple was publicly whipped. The two men had to endure 77 lashes each with a whip made of solid rattan. And all because they had been in a relationship within their own four walls.


Nigeria | 28.01.2021

Sorry, Daddy: Son of homophobic politician comes out

Bolu Okupe had his gaudy, confident coming out on social media. In an Instagram post, he announced he was “gay as f*ck”. His father, a key advisor and associate of two homophobic ex-presidents of Nigeria, didn’t take long to respond.


Hungary | 26.01.2021

Hungary: Outrage over “Black Lives Matter” art installation

In the Hungarian capital Budapest, a temporary 3D-printed art installation is heating up right-wing conservatives.