USA | 26.11.2020

Florida: Trump’s judges overturn ban on conversiontherapy

In a 2-to-1 ruling, Trump’s judges at the Florida Court of Appeals voted for the right of therapists to offer conversion procedures. The opposing vote came from Beverly Martin – she was appointed by Obama. The decision casts dark shadows: …


Latvia | 25.11.2020

Latvia’s Constitutional Court: Parental leave also for lesbians

In Latvia, women are entitled to 56 days “maternity leave” before the birth and 56 days “birth leave” after the birth, making a total of 112 days of paid maternity leave. Fathers are entitled to ten days’ paid parental leave after the birth of a child. Is this also available to homosexual couples? And what impact does the current ruling on lesbian co-mothers have on the backlog of reforms regarding the recognition of homosexual partnerships?


Indonesia | 24.11.2020

Indonesia: Gay couple threatened with 100 lashes

100 lashes threaten a gay couple in Banda Aceh, the most extremely queerly region in Indonesia. A mob of locals stormed the homes of the 26-year-old and the 34-year-old in the neighbourhood of Kuta Alam, forcibly dragged them both to a police station. Now the couple are threatened with torture – activists* demand: Stop the madness!



#TDoR2020: 350 murders in just one year!

On the occasion of the Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR), which takes place every year on 20 November, the research project “Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide” (TvT) published data collected by Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) over the last year.


Poland | 18.11.2020

Poland: A rainbow shines through the night

Finally, some good news from Poland: more liberal leaders waved the rainbow flag on Tolerance Day. Queer activists*, however, asked for more support – they had wished for a bigger commitment, especially from a politician.


Brazil | 16.11.2020

Bolsonaro: “We must stop being a country of fags!”

Brazil’s president once again made statements about his corona policy that could only make you shake your head. In terms of coronary rates, Brazil is in second place in the world behind the USA. That seems to leave Bolsonaro cold. Instead of solutions, he once again offers only homophobic hate.