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Two heterosexual friends walked arm in arm across the grounds – and were homophobically insulted and attacked by a group of ten men. Both friends suffered a slight concussion.

According to the Munich evening newspaper ‘Abendzeitung’, the attackers shouted “Hey your faggots” when they saw the two buddies Paul and Valentin. Together with two other friends they were on their way home, walking arm in arm. “Who cares,” was the reply to the insults, the two told the newspaper.

The attackers seem to have cared – after shouting homophobic insults, one of the group members grabbed Valentin between his legs. “Suck my dick,” another had ordered him before.


No arrests were made


When Paul and Valentin defended themselves, a quarrel broke out – 23-year-old Paul got several hits in the face, Valentin was kicked to the ground and their two friends were also attacked. After two minutes, however, a police patrol was on the scene and could stop the attack.

According to a police spokesman, the policemen had not been informed that it was a homophobic attack. They were assuming an argument and recorded personal details, but did not arrest anyone. The four attacked friends were all treated in hospital.

The Oktoberfest will continue until 6 October – up to 6 million visitors are expected.

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