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Do you crave Greek culture, their unique architecture and their delicious food? Then you shouldn’t miss this gem on Mykonos Island:

Inspired by the breathtaking landscape of the Cyclades, the first 5-star Kenshō Boutique Hotel opened its doors back in 2016 on Ornos beach. The hotel is located only a few kilometers outside of Mykonos city, close enough to enjoy city life if needed yet far enough to relax on the beach undisturbed. Whether you’re looking for a family trip or a romantic one-on-one getaway, Kenshō Ornos can make it special. The hotels interior design incorporates both modern elements as well as a light and open bohemian charm. Equipped with 25 rooms and 10 suites to choose from, a high-class culinary experience and rejuvenating spa treatments, this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination.
To let yourself go and relax completely, every room and suite has its own hot tub or plunge pool. The rooms, furniture and light constructions have been individually designed by famous designers such as Paola Navone, Tom Dixon and many more!


The unique architectural style of Kenshō


The Japanese word Kenshō means enlightenment. The word combines both Japanese meanings for “see” and for “nature”. Kenshō hotel strives to make your vacation experience one to satisfy your senses and make you one with mother nature. Kenshō Ornos mirrors the architectural style typical for Mykonos – materials found on the island like wood and natural stone become part of the hotels essence in order to ensure a deeper connection with nature, it’s minimalistic and authentic yet modern and original.


Relaxation for body and soul


To relieve you from all the stress and tension, Kenshō Ornos spa will make you forget all of that. It’s a unique experience to walk into a real cave to receive your treatments. From jacuzzis, steam rooms to signature therapies, a tropical experience for soul and body awaits you here!  

Treating your spirit is just as important as treating your stomach. Award-winning chef Ippokratis Anagnostelis takes you on a culinary journey through traditional Greek cuisine combined with international trends that would make your mouth water! The rich Mediterranean cuisine in perfect harmony with the creative spin chef Ippokratis puts on those small bites called “Meze” earned the restaurant the ”Top Notch Award”.

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