Bougainvilleas, roses, hibiscus - the flowers are almost lavish in their use of color. And while your gaze wanders over the lush sea of blossoms, you can hear the sea in the background in the idyllic harbour of Sutivan. A soothing rhythm. The wind carries the aromatic scent of the open blossoms from the lemon garden. Everything is somehow more intense here. And here everything is decelerated. Almost as if time were taking its time. The clocks go slower. Or at least that's how it feels. The moment is alive. Serenity in its most beautiful form. In the privately run Hotel Lemongarden with its 23 suites / maisonettes & 12 rooms, everything is geared towards relaxation and enjoyment. Be it the regional, seasonal delicacies of the hotel's own top restaurant, the exquisite wines from the well-stocked wine cellar or the bar, which invites you to linger in a Mediterranean ambience. Even the approximately 100 m² wellness pavilion with private SPA leaves nothing to be desired. And that is exactly what it is all about, that you feel comfortable with us and can enjoy your precious holidays to the fullest. Our entire team has dedicated itself to this credo. Let yourself be pampered by a service that could not be more personal. Experience the charm of Croatian hospitality at the highest level.

from EUR 180-900; breakfast from 7.30-11h; number of rooms: 35

  • Air conditioning
  • Bar with full range of alcoholic beverages
  • Parking available
  • Guestrooms with Balcony
  • Guestrooms with television
  • Shop
  • Outdoor seating, terrace or garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Free extra towels
  • Massage on offer
  • Daily menu
  • Pets allowed
  • Vegetarian meals on the menu
  • Extensive wine list
  • Reservation advisable
  • Free WiFi


Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden
Hotel Lemongarden

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