AUSTRIA, VIENNA, Five reasons why Vienna is so LGBT-friendly!

Vienna offers gay and lesbian visitors historic cafes, unique LGBT events and exceptional shopping opportunities. And from 2019 you can even get married in Vienna!

Vienna is becoming more and more popular internationally as a gay and lesbian destination – and is being awarded more and more prizes. In March 2018, for example, the city won the Australian LGBTI Awards as “Destination of the Year” – a great honour.



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And at the beginning of the year,, one of the world’s largest travel platforms, named Vienna the best international destination. The British magazine Economist even chose Vienna as the first european metropolis ever to be the most liveable city in the world.



Vienna scored particularly well on the topics of security and stability. Of course, LGBT visitors love Vienna from very different reasons. Five of the most important can be found here!


1. Now you can even get married in Vienna!

Because Austria is introducing marriage for all in 2019, gay and lesbian couples can get married in Vienna, Europe’s most romantic city, starting in January. Classic in the palaces of Schönbrunn and Belvedere, or exciting in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel – you can step before the registrars everywhere. Have you ever thought about which would be the perfect place for your dream wedding?



2. Dance through the night in an Art Nouveau pavilion!

Vienna is also the perfect place for a wedding celebration. Because Vienna offers an almost unmanageable abundance of parties for every musical taste. Indie rock, electronic and charts are in focus at the party queer:beat, disco at the club WhyNot and Balkan-Pop as well as turbo folk at the party BallCanCan. And who can claim to have danced through the night in a former slaughterhouse or in an Art Nouveau pavilion by Otto Wagner? In Vienna everything is possible!


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3. Enjoy the day – in baroque cafés or shopping

Vienna is made for extraordinary shopping experiences. An example? When the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Vienna in 2015 – after the success of Conchita – the city caused a worldwide sensation with gay and lesbian traffic light couples. Fans can be happy, because in the store “Ampelpärchen Rocks” they can be bought as souvenirs – on bags, posters and even on real traffic lights. Those who want to relax after extensive shopping tours with one of the numerous Viennese coffee specialities (mocha, melange or fiaker) also have a large choice. The Café Savoy at the Naschmarkt, for example, is also popular with the LGBT community. It was opened during the emperor’s reign and radiates elegance with its huge mirrors.


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4. Great events – all year round

Even those who do not marry should not miss Vienna. Numerous events attract throughout the year. For example the Rainbow Ball, a classic Viennese ball for the LGBT community, the Boylesque Festival, two fetish events, the Rosa Wiener Wiesn Festival in autumn and of course the Life Ball, one of the largest HIV/AIDS charity events worldwide. These and many other events guarantee variety for every taste – and make Vienna the perfect LGBT destination.



5. Vienna hosts EuroPride 2019

The highlight of the 2019 festival year will be the EuroPride, which Vienna is staging for the second time since 2001. From 1st – 16th june, there will be countless events on the programme – throughout the city. EuroPride Village will be erected on Vienna’s Rathausmarkt, offering visitors a colourful programme during the day. After the Rainbow Parade, which traditionally takes place on 15th june 2019 along the Ringstrasse, one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world, the EuroPride final rally will also take place here.



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