• USA | New York

    Love in times of Corona: Last minute wedding

    New York City is sealing itself off: the metropolis of millions has become the new fire source of the pandemic. A gay couple managed to get married just before the lockdown. The wedding took place out of love – and fear of Covid-19.


  • Corona: Mourning for queer victims and an urgent appeal

    The community has suffered its first losses, including well-known celebrities such as drag queen Mona Foot from New York or fetish activist Daniel Dumont from Belgium. Meanwhile, young designer Tarek Soliman is fighting Covid-19 and warns against underestimating the disease.


  • Religious fundamentalists: The LGBTIQ community is to blame for Corona!

    … because of the CSD parades. At least that’s what the ultra-orthodox rabbi Meir Mazuz claims. The Christian preacher Steven Andrew from the USA had the same thought. He calls on the Americans to repent.


  • SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2020

    Sweden, Canada und Malta ranking highest / US federal states in a specific separate index

    The diversification of evaluation criteria and thus resulting changes of ranks in the eighth SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index conceal the fact that the global liberalisation process has slowed down considerably. The new ranking of the US states provides travellers with detailed information and gives some surprising informaion about the striking regional differences in „God’s own Country“ after almost four years of Trump administration.


  • Guatemala

    First openly gay congressman in Guatemala

    Aldo Dávila has been working for HIV-positive people in Guatemala for decades and makes no secret of his status. Now he has moved into the parliament of the Central American state – and declared that he fears for his life every day.


  • Poland

    Art censorship: Hard times for queer artists in Warsaw?

    The Polish Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński appointed Piotr Bernatowicz as the new director of the Centre for Modern Art in Warsaw, who is assigned to the right spectrum. Many artists fear a turnaround in Poland’s art scene.


  • Hungary

    World AIDS Day in Budapest

    For this years World AIDS Day, the Budapest’s Chain Bridge turned red. It is a tradition that the bridge receives special illumination on socially relevant memorial days. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge was illuminated for the first time on 1 December 2019 in connection with World AIDS Day in the color of the red ribbon that became the symbol of the fight against AIDS.


  • Brazil

    Brazil: Judge overturns Bolsonaro’s stop to fund queer cinema

    Brazil’s homophobic President Jair Bolsonaro cancelled funding for TV shows six weeks ago because he disapproved of its content. He described the financial support for social projects, including LGBTIQ* films, as “money wasted”. Now a federal judge declared the financial freeze null and void.


  • China

    Chinese social media platform bans homosexual content

    The Chinese social media and video platform TikTok seems to be a prime example of censorship. TikTok had already recently been criticized for censoring the protest in Hong Kong and thus creating a distorted picture of opinion. It has now become known that the company is also blocking content that shows, advertises or promotes homosexuality.