Gay Events Los Angeles

Spartacus offers you the most comprehensive guide for queer events in and around Los Angeles. We currently have 5 events in 4 locations for you and listed them in a clear arrangement. Feel like dancing? Or rather like a relaxed pub night with friends? A special adventure or a kinky night? We show you the right place for every fancy, from big events to gay clubs. We always give you the latest information.

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Los Angeles Tomorrow

The Pleasure Chest
Bondage for Beginners

Tomorrow 8pm - 10pm

Using restraint doesn't have to be boring! Learn the essentials of light bondage, communication and negotiation, spanking, sensation play, and dirty talk.

Los Angeles Thursday

Silverlake Lounge
The Weird Kids

2 Apr 8pm

tbd Mainly gay Fri-Mon, Latino crowd and drags .

Los Angeles Friday

RuPaul's Drag Race 12 Viewing Party at Flux Bar with Miss Cherry

3 Apr 9pm - 12am

Happy hour Mon-Sat 12-19h.

Amigos every Friday night at Revolver La

3 Apr 10pm - 3am

Famous actress Drew Barrymore is the owner of this popular bar.

Los Angeles Sunday

The Pleasure Chest
Intimate Partner Yoga with Miyoko

5 Apr 11am - 1pm

Inverted Play master Miyoko teaches you how to experience deeper connections, enhance your intimacy and build trust through a series of stretches and exercises that will strengthen your relationship..