Gay Events Praha

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Praha Now

Holky, tady máte hadr / Girls, here is a rag for you

Now - 21 Jun 10:30pm

Feminismus, gender a LGBTQ v současné ilustraci. Výstava kurátorovaná časopisem Fůd. / Feminism, gender and LGBTQ in a current illustration. An exhibition curated by the Fůd zine.

Praha Saturday

Piano Bar
Travesti show v Pianu

22 Jun 7pm - 10pm

TiFanny BiGest Naira Delairo a Pavel Paloma Eifel seskupení, které se jen tak nevidí a proto si tuto show nemůžete nechat ujít. TiFanny BiGest Naira Delairo and Pavel Paloma Eifel seskupení, who do not have such a presence, and it is therefore impossible to get there.