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Zurich is the perfect place to be for night owls and dance-mad clubbers. The vast choice of the most diverse of clubs means that everyone can find a place that suits their taste. SPARTACUS introduces some of the best Zurich clubs.



Four times a year the Angels Parties enthuse an international audience in Zurich.
Under the label Angels Events four very popular parties take place every year since 1994: For the White Party and the Black Party the guests appear in the appropriate dress code.



These two as well as the Kitsch Party and the Flash Party are each elaborately staged and inspire the audience with extravagant decorations and show and dance interludes of the extra class. Meanwhile, national and international DJs provide the right tunes.
Theaudience is predominantly male, but of course ladies, heterosexuals and all members of the LGBT+ community are also welcome.



Black Party: 8 – 10 November 2019


Further information is available at www.angels.ch



Boyahkasha! is a party label that has been storming the Zurich clubs with its fans since 2004 to make them a Mecca for the gay party crowd and their friends for one evening.

Clubs like the Acqua, the Hiltl, the Saint Germain, the Laborbar, the Escherwyss or the Amnesia in Lausanne have already served us as venues. Events in Bern and Lucerne have also made Boyahkasha known in the rest of Switzerland.
The market-fresh sound, the euphoric atmosphere and a good mix of the guests are probably the main reasons why our events are equally popular after so many years.
Many cool hipsters, scene guys, freaky youngsters, young at heart over 30s and sexy beard boys are all too happy to romp around at our events.





With the current music concept the party row set high goals. To achieve these goals, the organizer only consider clubs with two dance floors and a good sound system.
Thus they can offer always varied and current sound. Especially RnB and House can be heard here, but also 80ies, 90ies and selected songs from other genres are included.
The party maker take care of the amusement: A show during the party has become a fixed part and the team like to bring in RnB divas like Kelly Hilton or Sandra Love from abroad. Also Zurich scene giants like Donna Tella, Stella Divine, Evita von Tesa and Nikita with their Balkan Boys regularly step on the gas and heat up the party crowd.

Further information is available at www.boyahkasha.ch



The Offstream Party series is a relaxed meeting place for the LGBT+ community.
Since 2004 the label Offstream organizes about ten parties a year. These take place in alternating Zurich locations as well as in other Swiss cities. In Zurich, celebrations take place in exile, in the dynamo or in the paper hall. The “Offstream” is not only aimed at LGBT+ guests, but also welcomes heterosexuals. The clubs in which the parties take place are in any case well-known and popular among a broad Zurich public.



Offstream” wants to be a relaxed meeting place for all people. The programme includes indie, rock, pop and electro, performed by an off-stream DJ collective. The events cost an affordable entrance fee, which will be invested in various LGBT+ projects.

Further information is available at  www.offstream.ch


N E W   P A R T Y  ->  NOW  ZURICH

NOW – More than ever, the Zurich LGBT+ nightlife is about to flourish with a new and exciting breath of fresh air.
With NOW it is create a colourful space where everyone is welcome. From femboys, muscleboys, dragqueens but most especially you.





The first NOW party will take place on september 14th, 2019 in LABOR5.

Further information is available at  www.facebook.com/pg/NOWzurich/events/



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