Vienna, Harry’s Home – the home away from home

Cordial, practical and supportive. Cosy. Loving in details. Like at home. A home away from home. Harry’s Home covers all the needs of today’s guests.

In our fast-paced world, everyone wants to see and experience as much as possible in the shortest of time. We are always hungry for experience. At Harry’s Home, we know what all travellers and the wanderlust community need: homely feelings when travelling. 
Those who are always on the move to discover the world still yearn for a “home”, a place that is familiar and not uncharted territory. A place where you can let yourself fall and let your soul (and feet) dangle. The fact that we offer our guests a home can already be seen in the name. How do we convey the feeling of being at home?




Come “home” & create your stay

By capitalising Coming Home first and foremost. We make sure that our guests feel at home right from the start. It starts with a friendly “Hello, nice to have you” at check-in, continues with a welcome drink in the lobby and leads to entering a large, spacious room with a walk-in closet. Warm and cosy, just like at home. Our rooms are all equipped with pleasant light and soft beds. If you like, you can order a Nespresso coffee machine to your room, take your pet with you or book a room with a kitchenette as a self-caterer. If you come with family & friends, you can book our apartment with connecting doors. As I said, we are supportive and make sure that our guests have everything they need. Even if it is a small snack at 3 o’clock in the morning. For this there is our “Service Point” with snack and drink vending machines. The most industrious of our guests also have the opportunity to wash and iron their laundry. By the way, our guests can also flexibly choose how often their room should be cleaned and how often or whether they go for breakfast – of course this also reduces the price of their stay. When you travel a lot, you appreciate consistency and familiarity much more than when you just sit around at home. We have made it our goal to offer travellers a home on their travels. 
”Create your stay” is our slogan and animates our guests to arrange their stay individually. Just like that, so that they feel like at home.




Homemade & familiar atmosphere

When you are at home, you meet your family and eat homemade food prepared by mum, dad, grandma, etc. This is also what our guests experience at Harry’s Homes. Our breakfast buffet consits mainly of regional products from local farmers or small businesses who provide us with their baking skills to us every day. Homemade cakes and jams from gifted cooking artists, soft boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, ham and cheese from farmers nerby as well as honey from our bees – Harry’s Home also looks after the environment. We are a family business and you can see that. Our “feel-good islands” in the lobby offer the icing on the cake of well-being when travelling. They are our functional-style paradise. Stylish, cosy, equipped for chilling out and also for working with functional elements, our guests can exchange ideas and chat here – if they want to. If you prefer peace and quiet, you can retreat to the lobby or enjoy the spaciousness of your room.





Off to Switzerland!

The Harry’s Homes already exist in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Dornbirn and Munich. In April 2019, (April 1st – that’s not an April fool’s) we will open our first hotel in Switzerland and say Swiss cheese, Lindt chocolates, clockworks and landscapes from ‘Heidi’ “Hello! So Travellers and hikers in Switzerland can also enjoy a sense of home on their travels and live in a familiar “home” while exploring new realms. #harrylicious





Locations: Vienna, Graz, Linz, Dornbirn, Munich, Zurich (from April 2019)


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