Zurich, Pink Apple Festival: The queerest Film Festival in Switzerland!

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Edit, March 22: Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the festival was cancelled – it will probably be postponed until autumn 2020.


Andreas Bühlmann talks to Spartacus about the PinkApple Festival – the biggest gay and lesbian film festival in Switzerland. This year it takes place from 28.4.-7.5.2020 in Zurich and from 8.-10.5.2020 in Frauenfeld.

The Festival was founded in 1997 in Frauenfeld, a small city in the Canton Thurgau. The region is known for it’s apple trees (and it’s cider) and also nicknamed ”Cider India“ – the reason for naming the festival “Pink Apple”. At the beginning it’s goal was to support visibility of LGBTQ people on the countryside. The festival premiered in 1998, showing ten films to a large crowd in a small cinema in Frauenfeld.

Today the festival is being held in Zurich and Frauenfeld. It is an independent project, nowadays aiming to find the balance between queer mainstream movies and queer artistic films.

For more information visit: www.pinkapple.ch
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PinkAppleFilmfestival/

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