SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2021

Gay Travel Index 2021: Canada is the most LGBTQ*-friendly travel destination

The editorial offices of männer* and Spartacus have compiled the annual Gay Travel Index and one person can be really happy: Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada.

The popular head of government is largely responsible for the queer-friendly image of his country. Not only has he been celebrating in public at the country’s Prides for years, but he has also gradually made Canada more diverse and liberal. While the country shared first place with Sweden and Malta in 2020, Canada is the sole leader of the Gay Travel Index in 2021.

Europe at glacial-pace speed
Last year’s co-winner Sweden loses points because of the stricter index rules in the categories trans* and inter rights. A pronoun for the third gender is seen as ‘nice-to-have’, but laws for recognition, the renunciation of humiliating psychological assessments and modern parentage law are more important.

The Climbers
Due to improvements in discrimination protection, adoption rights and trans* rights, Taiwan moved up from 23rd to 10th place. Costa Rica introduced marriage for all and adoption rights for same-sex couples in May 2020. This gave the country an increase in points and 32nd place (56th place in the previous year).

Clean-up at the end of the index
In addition to the aforementioned differentiations for trans* and inter* rights, the editors have made a data clean-up. Countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Chechnya have gained points, which does not mean that the conditions in the countries have improved. Since homosexuality is generally forbidden, the age of consent does not matter and was set to the default value of 0.

USA: California and Illinois at the top
The comparison of the US states, which was resumed last year, lists California still at the top with eleven points, but it now has to share this position with Illinois, which was able to gain two points due to the new, simple recognition of the third gender.

The complete SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index is available for download here.
An interactive display can be found here. Two maps allow an easy comparison of the current results with former ones.


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