SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2023

SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2023: Malta, Canada, and Switzerland are the most LGBT+ friendly travel destinations

The updated SPARTACUS GAY TRAVEL INDEX provides an overview of the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBT+) people in 203 different countries and regions. This year, Malta was the solo first place finisher for the first time, followed by runners-up Canada and Switzerland who were awarded equal points. The top spot in the ranking of the US states this year is shared by California, New York, Washington, and Colorado.

Malta was able to qualify for the top spot on its own for the first time. This Mediterranean island state improved once again in its recognition of gender identity and is this year’s host of EuroPride.

Germany improved its overall ranking by one point thanks to legal improvements for intersex* persons and now ranks ninth in the index along with Iceland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Switzerland is the big winner

Switzerland made the biggest leap this year, from seven to twelve points and thus to second place, thanks in part to legislation providing for same-sex marriage and a progressive self-determination law. The global liberalization process of LGBT+ rights has gained traction again. So-called conversion procedures in particular are legally banned in more and more countries, including Australia, Israel, and Vietnam.

Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan fell to the bottom of the list

One exception is Indonesia, which lost three points, partly due to a new criminal law influenced by fundamentalism, causing this nation to slip from 117th to 159th place. The most dangerous countries for LGBT+ travelers in 2023 also include states such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, and now Afghanistan, where homosexuals are massively persecuted and killed.

USA: Great Divide

The winner in the post-Trump-era US, which continues to be divided on LGBT+ rights, is once again California: In addition to a fulsome queer infrastructure, the state also offers excellent legal protections for LGBT+. It scored an 11 out of a possible 13 points. However, three other states also received 11 points this year: New York, Washington, and Colorado.

Oklahoma and Tennessee brought up the rear and Florida fell from 23rd to 31st place in the US ranking, partly due to new censorship (“Don’t say gay”) laws.

The complete SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index is available for download here.
An interactive display can be found here. Two maps allow an easy comparison of the current results with former ones.


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