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Welcome to a new episode of Spartacus TV! This time, Ulli Pridat visits Italy’s capital Rome. Known as “The Eternal City”, Rome sure has a lot to offer for tourists. But what about gay tourists – since the Vatican, located in the heart of Rome, only ranked 121st in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index? Ulli takes a close look for you on the weekend of Gay Pride in Rome 2019!
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There are fewer gay bars than one would expect in a European capital. This is due to the fact that there are generally fewer bars in Rome where one simply meets with friends for chatting and drinking. In Italy this is often associated with food and therefore takes place in restaurants or trattorias.

The Testaccio party district is located in the old historical centre. History and nightlife collide here. Night owls can choose between wine bars, night cafés, concerts, clubs or theatres. Also many locations and program points for gays are to be found in the Testaccio.

Summer break: Many clubs are closed over the summer months, party series do not take place. As a substitute there are many festivals and open air parties in the landscape and at the sea.

While Italy ranked 41st in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2019, the Vatican ranked 122nd – along with Pakistan and Azerbaijan among others.
The reason for this is the anti-LGBT attitude of the Catholic Church. The Vatican reserves the inalienable right to immediately dismiss and expel from the state any official and employee who publicly admits to being homosexual or questions the Vatican’s general policy towards homosexuals.

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