Video-Special: SpartacusTV – A trip to Hawaii

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In this special episode of SpartacusTV, Ulli Pridat takes you with him to the fascinating islands of Hawaii. He will show you Pearl Harbor, the volcanoes of Big Island, the famous Waikiki Beach and take you on a helicopter flight over the beautiful Napali Coast. And he talks about gay rights on Hawaii as well as bars, events and other attractions for gay men.  Are you ready? Get on board!

Homophobia first came to Hawaii with Europeans and Christianity. Homosexuality was never illegal, but until 1975 various sexual practices, including homosexual sex, were punishable. In 1975 the corresponding law was abolished. Gay marriage was introduced in Hawaii at the end of 2013 (in the rest of the USA only in 2015). In general, the population of Hawaii is considered homofriendly. According to surveys, 68 percent of Hawaiians welcome homosexual marriage – compared to an average of 61 percent in the United States.


Honolulu Pride


The Pride Parade is considered the largest pride parade in Hawaii. It starts on 19.10 2019 – in the heart of Waikiki on Kalakaua Avenue at 11 o’clock in the morning. After the parade the Honolulu Pride Festival takes place. In addition to the parade, many cultural events and parties for the community take place in October.

Also in Waikiki, close to the beach, is one of the most famous gay bars in Hawaii. Although you can often find other tourists here, there is always a full programme, parties and dancers. The bar is located in the Waikiki Grand Hotel.


Gay Beaches


Queens Surf Beach was especially known among gays for decades, but nowadays this is no longer the case (many families and heterosexuals, only a few gays left). But there are also smaller gay hotspots on the other islands.

There are several nudist beaches that are also very popular with gays, including Little Beach on Maui and Diamond Head Lighthouse Beach on Waikiki.

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