Gay Guide Mauritius

At a first glance, no law seems to exist which prohibits homosexuality. The laws however, do not directly apply to homosexuality. Worth mentioning is however in the paragraph 250 (5 years imprisonment for sodomy). Gays in Mauritius lead a secluded life. A real gay scene does not exist. Many men marry or lead double lives. Generally speaking inconspicuous conduct in public is recommended. The first Mauritian Gay Pride (the Rainbow March, organized by "the Collectif Arc en Ciel"), was held in Rose Hill in May 2006 and attracted around 600 people. This group is right now advocating for the recognition of LGBT rights in the Mauritian law. More than 200 Mauritian gays took part in a smaller version of gay Pride in June, called "The March of Gay Visibility", which according to the organisers was a great success despite the island's non recognition of homosexuality as a sexual orientation.

Cities in Mauritius

Grand BaiePort LouisRose Hill

Name: Maurice · Mauricio
Location: Southwestern Indian Ocean
Initials: MUS
International country code: 230
International access code: 00
Language: English, French, Creole
Area: 2,040 km² / 794 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Mauritius Rupie (MR) = 100 Cents
Population: 1,291,000
Capital: Port Louis
Religions: 50% Hindu, 32% Christian, 17% Muslim, 5% others
Climate: Tropical climate. Winter (Jul-Sep) is the best time to visit with less rain and humidity. The hottest time in summer (Jan-Apr) is very hot & humid with possible cyclones. Dec-Mar is the best time for diving, when the sea is clearest.