Gay Guide Nigeria

Homosexuality is illegal under sections 214 and 217 of the Nigerian Penal Code and can be punished with prison sentences of up to 14 years. The north of Nigeria is characterised by Islam and is extremely conservative. In the twelve northern states in which the Sharia law prevails, homosexuals are threatened with death by stoning. Homosexuals should be very cautious in Nigeria. As in most developing countries, it is not advisable to walk at night, it is better to take a taxi. This warning should be taken very seriously, as for several years politicians have been trying to punish homosexuality even more severely. In May 2013, a law was passed that allows draconian prison sentences to be imposed on people who enter a gay marriage or registered partnership, or undertake either. The law was signed by the president on 13 January 2014. After further tightening of the law in 2017, Nigeria's homosexuals were pushed even deeper into the underground. Otherwise there is the threat of denunciation, persecution and raids by the police, as well as flogging. Nigeria is often referred to as the "African giant". The country looks back on a difficult history dominated by military governments, which it is only now beginning to shake off. The Nigerians are an extremely friendly people and are considered very hospitable. Lagos has the reputation of being one of Africa's most dangerous cities. However, the fact is that most travellers who venture out of their air-conditioned hotel rooms are surprised to see how friendly the people of Lagos are and how much the city has to offer. Lagos is probably the liveliest city in sub-Saharan Africa, apart from South African cities. The new democratic government has brought with it a revival of nightlife in Lagos. Bars, clubs and restaurants are springing up everywhere.

Cities in Nigeria


Location: West Africa
Initials: NGA
International country code: 234 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 009
Language: English, Kwa-Languages Yoruba, Igbo
Currency: 1 Naira (N) = 100 Kobo
Population: 168,834,000
Capital: Abuja
Religions: 50% Muslim, 40% Christian
Climate: Very warm from Nov-Apr with high rainy period from Jul-Sep.