Gay Guide Bahrain

Bahrain's reputation as a relatively liberal and modern Persian Gulf state has made it a favourite with travellers in the region and an excellent introduction to the Gulf. It was once the seat of one of the great trading empires of the ancient world, and is redolent of the past. Homosexuality is not officially prohibited, but the police and courts tend to interpret "immorality" rather broadly, so that homosexuals still need to reckon with fines and jail terms.

Cities in Bahrain


Name: Bahrain
Location: Middle East
Initials: BHR
Language: Arabic, Persian, English
Area: 715,9 km² / 444,8 sq km
Currency: 1 Bahrain-Dinar (BD) = 1000 Fils
Population: 1,318,000
Capital: Al-Mahamah
Religions: Shi'a Muslim (65%), Sunni Muslim (35%)