Gay Guide Lebanon

Legally homosexuality is prosecutable under article 534, however, this penal law is not implemented since decades, however, affectionate behavior in public places is not advised. But January 2014 saw the very first instance of a judge deciding that this law must not be applied to homosexuals because homosexuality is not against nature in his opinion. The situation for gay men in Lebanon has improved significantly in the past few years. And recently Beirut hosted the IGLTA FAM TRIP to start promoting itself as an LGBT regional destination. Gay bars and clubs operate freely and an LGBT centre has been created to cater to all the needs of the community. The Lebanese people are extremely friendly and hospitable. Lebanon is a fast changing country and is inherently capable of recovering from any challenges. Each time you visit this vibrant society, it will be like visiting a different country with new experiences. Lebanon is a country to be visited during all seasons; you can ski in some of the best, soft snow in the world, go to the beach, and party all night long all in the same day. Because of the historical ethnic mix between European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern groups and the whole spectrum in between, Lebanese men offer an appealing variety.

Cities in Lebanon


Name: Lubnan · Libanon · Liban · Líbano
Location: Middle East
Initials: LBN
International country code: 961 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic
Area: 10,452 km² / 4,015 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Lebanese Pound (L£) = 100 Piaster
Population: 4,425,000
Capital: Beirut
Religions: 59% Muslim, 40% Christian
Climate: Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild to cool and wet, summers hot and dry. The mountains experience heavy winter snowfall.
Important gay cities: Beirut