Gay Guide Myanmar

Sexual contact among men is illegal in Myanmar under criminal laws that were introduced in 1882-88. However, there have been no convictions under this legislation to date. Since there is no real gay scene in Myanmar and no gay-only bars, most encounters take place in public places. Despite the prohibition of homosexual acts among men, the first Gay Pride with 400 participants took place in Yangon in 2012. After political reforms in Myanmar, homosexual and transsexual people dared to take small steps to become publicly visible and LGBT organisations were founded. The main demand was to decriminalise homosexual acts. Myanmar's government suffered a bitter defeat in the November 2015 elections, which led to the opposition party led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's landslide victory. It enabled her party to put the next government in power. Myanmar is a fascinating country with a friendly and charming population living under one of the world's worst and most corrupt regimes. Yet almost everyone is tolerant and unbiased towards homosexuals. So you can see couples hand in hand visiting the temples. People are also very sociable and open to strangers and you can easily chat with people.

Cities in Myanmar


Name: Myanma Pye
Location: Southeast Asia
Initials: MMR
International country code: 95 (omit 0 from area code)
Language: Burmese, English
Currency: 1 Kyat (K) = 100 Pyas
Population: 52,797,000
Capital: Naypyidaw
Religions: 89% Buddist, 5% Christian, 4% Muslim, 2% other
Climate: Myanmar has a tropical climate with three seasons; the hot season between April and May; the monsoon between June and October and the cool season between November and March.