Gay Guide Russia

Homosexuality between consenting adults is legal with age of consent set at 16. Prostitution is legal for clients. Sex workers risk an administrative offence. Make sure you don't pick up anyone below the age of 18. In 2013, the Duma passed a nationwide prohibition of "homosexual propaganda". Violators are facing high fines or even jail terms, while foreigners can be asked to leave the country. Russia wants to expand anti-gay law to ban all "public" displays of homosexuality. The new law would make any public display of "non-traditional sexual Relations" an offence that could lead to 15 days in prison and a fine. This expansion of the law tops Russia's existing broad "gay Propaganda" law, which bans the "Promotion" of homosexuality anywhere where children can see it. Another law enacted makes the adoption of Russian children by homosexual foreigners a punishable offence. That this regulation is indeed also being used against tourists was shown by an incident in Murmansk where three Dutch people have been jailed on the grounds of this law. HIV is becoming a national threat in Russia. According to the medical world, the rapid increase in HIV infections in Russia will a risk to the national security of the country. In the next four to five years the number of people infected with the virus threatens to reach two million people. HIV-infected in Russia always complain about a lack of medications. According to official figures in a country with more than 140 million inhabitants, more than 930 000 are registered as HIV-infected. Always carry your passport with valid visa and ensure that you are registered within 3 days of your arrival. Russia is a rewarding travel destination, although the travel industry is not yet client-focused outside main cities. Rich national cuisine, vivid countryside and diverse sightseeing opportunities will certainly make your visit memorable.

Cities in Russia

Astrakhan - Astrakhan RegionChelyabinsk - Chelyabinsk RegionEkaterinburg - Sverdlovskaya RegionIrkutsk - Irkutsk RegionKrasnodar - Krasnodar RegionMoskvaMurmansk - Murmansk RegionNovosibirsk - Novosibirsk RegionRostov-na-Donu - Rostov RegionSt. PetersburgSochi - Krasnodar RegionTver - Tver RegionVladivostok - Primorya Region

Name: Rossiya · Russland · Russie · Rusia
Location: East Europe and Northern Asia
Initials: RUS
International country code: 7 (omit 8 from area code)
International access code: 8 (wait for tone) 10
Language: Russian
Area: 17,075,400 km² / 6,592,812 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Ruble (RUR) = 100 Kopeks
Population: 143,533,000
Capital: Moskva (Moscow)
Religions: 70% Russian Orthodox, 14% Muslims
Climate: Winters are cold, especially in the north east where there often severe snow falls. Summers are mild, although June and July can be extremely hot.
Important gay cities: Moskva, St. Petersburg