Gay Guide United Arab Emirates

There are different laws against homosexuality in the United Arab Emirates. The Abu Dhabi Criminal Code punishes homosexual activities with up to 14 years imprisonment, while the Dubai Criminal Code punishes consensual gay sex with up to 10 years imprisonment. The sentence can be even higher if the accused are charged under Islamic law and not under secular criminal law. Floggings and the death penalty are also possible - even if you have a partner of the opposite sex and cheat on him or her, you face the death penalty for adultery. At the behest of the Crown Prince of Dubai, General Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, the Diamond nightclub in Dubai, which had hosted a gay party with a transvestite from Birmingham, was closed down. On this occasion the gay scene became visible: For the several hundred guests of the Gay Night a taboo was broken. The country has a thriving nightlife; drugs are easily available. The drug scene, however, is geared more towards international tourists than towards the locals. As a trading centre on the Gulf and a major international port city, Dubai is home to thousands of foreign workers - including from the UK, Russia and South Asia. Dubai is a fantastic city with unique architecture and a very high standard of living. Despite the partly western atmosphere, it is recommended to respect the local customs and to avoid any provocation in public.

Cities in United Arab Emirates

Abu DhabiDubai

Location: Middle East
Initials: ARE
International country code: 971 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic
Currency: 1 Dirham (Dh) = 100 Fils
Population: 9,206,000
Capital: Abu Zaby (Abu Dhabi)
Religions: 96% Muslims
Climate: Between November and April the climate is at its best and not too hot.