Gay Guide Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to our information, homosexual acts between men in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not illegal (in Federation BiH since 1996 and in the Republika Srpska since 1998). The age of sexual consent is 16 for all. In addition, a Gender Equality Law was adopted in 2003. A new anti-discrimination law has been passed in 2010, but remains somewhat vague as it not only fails to define what the term "sexual expression" is supposed to mean, but also to even mention sexual orientation. Bosnia held its first LGBT Pride festival "Queer Sarajevo" in September 2008. At least eight people were injurred, six of them suffered head injuries. Iggy Pop cancelled his concert in Sarajevo. Before the event posters calling for death to gays appeared around the city and were removed by the police. Ever since the 1992-95 Bosnian war the multi-cultural city Sarajevo has become predominantly Muslim. Two prominent imams publicly condemned the festival, although they refrained from endorsing violence.

Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja LukaSarajevo

Name: Bosna i Hercegovina · Bosnien-Herzegowina · Bosnie-Herzégovine · Bosnia-Erzegovina
Location: Southeast Europe
Initials: BIH
International country code: 387 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
Area: 51,129 km² / 19,741 sq mi.
Currency: Convertible Mark (KM) = 100 Feninga
Population: 3,834,000
Capital: Sarajevo
Religions: 45% Muslim, 36% Serbian-Orthodox, 15% Catholic
Climate: A mix of Mediterranean and Central European climate and is more or less agreeable year round.