Gay Guide Estonia

In Estonia consensual same-sex relationships involving adults are legal. The full age of consent is 18 years, (14-17 under pariental consent). Estonian lesbians and gays have been enjoying legal protection from discrimination since 2004, which was further modified in 2008. But the option of a registered partnership does not exist. A first bill introduced in parliament in 2008 was thrown out by the conservative government. Ministry of Justice sources are quoted as saying that another attempt will be made in 2012. Estonia is one of countries with the highest growth rate in the number of new infections of HIV in the world. According to local records 38 percent of the new infections affect people under 20 years of age and 90 percent those under 30. Society is generally open and accepting towards gays, yet walking hand in hand on streets is still unusual. There is a relatively large variety of gay venues available in Tallinn but not enough people to fill them. Therefore, gay life takes place at the weekend, when most clubs are open until very late. In summer the scene gets busier and very international. Tallinn fills up with tourists all over the world outnumbering the locals. However, Estonians' so called "silent tolerance" makes it very easy to feel welcomed and part of local gay life which, after few drinks, does not appear to be as quiet as it might have seemed to be to start with. The capital city Tallinn is, due to its fantastic seaside location, considered the most attractive city in the country and the old city centre was declared a World Culture Inheritance by the UNESCO. Started in 2004, the annual Baltic Gay Pride tradition was introduced to Tallinn. It takes place every year in the middle of August and is called the "Moonbow Pride".

Cities in Estonia


Name: Eesti · Estland · Estonie
Location: Northeastern Europe
Initials: EST
International country code: 372 (no area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: Estonian
Area: 45,227 km² / 17,413 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Euro (€) = 100 Cents
Population: 1,339,000
Capital: Tallinn
Religions: 21% Evangelical Lutheran and Russian Orthodox
Climate: Estonian winters (Dec-Mar) are servere. The best time to visit is spring (Apr & May) or summer (Jun-Sep).
Important gay cities: Tallinn