Gay Guide Gibraltar

The different age of consent for homosexuals and heterosexuals has been abandoned in 2011 and is now at 16 years for all. Following a decision of the Supreme Court in 2013, politics was forced to eliminate the discriminatory legislation. Thus, in 2014, parliament has passed laws allowing a registered partnership. The adoption law has also been extensively changed so that homosexual couples can now adopt children. The law to allow gay marriage was passed in October 2016. Gibraltar is rich in history, shaped by the Roman Empire, Islam, medieval Spain or, since the 18th century, the British Empire, and it has a lot to offer: From secret passages drilled into the rock dating from World War II to enchanting colonial alleys. From breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and even the African coast to the "Moorish Castle". It was built in the Middle Ages and sits on top of the Rock. Gibraltar is an ideal stop-over on a trip through southern Spain or on your way to Morocco.

Cities in Gibraltar


Name: Gibilterra
Location: South Europe
Initials: GIB
International country code: 350 (no area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: English, Spanish
Population: 29,244
Capital: City of Gibraltar
Religions: 85% Catholics; Muslims, Anglicans
Climate: Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild, summers warm.