Gay Guide Greece

Greece might not be a gay's paradise everywhere but there are places, cities, beaches and islands that you can really feel beautiful and very welcomed. Greeks have a totally different approach to gay people depending on their generation, with younger Greeks been really relaxed and open minded. In December 2015 Greece made far-reaching reforms concerning the rights of gays and lesbians. The age of consent for both for heterosexuals and homosexuals is now 15 years. Homosexuals can now enter into a registered partnership. The paragraph §347 in the statute books concerning of the ban on unnatural fornication between men has now also been formally abolished. Greece is inexpensive (with the exception of Mykonos), uncomplicated and safe. The Greeks are a warm and hospitable people and you can expect to encounter very few problems on account of your sexuality. Gay life on the islands is focused on Mykonos, particularly if you are looking for fun, crowded beaches and hot nights. Of course beaches available for gay cruising can be found also on other islands such as Santorini, Kriti, Rodos, Corfu and Skiathos that lately is staring being more attractive to many gay tourists. On the mainland the scene is generally more conservative but there are also a few places for gay cruising and beaches for gay fans of the Mediterranean nature.

Islands in Greece

Cyclades IslandsDodecanese IslandsIonian IslandsKriti IslandNorth Aegean IslandsSporades Islands

Cities in Greece

AthinaHersonossosMykonosPatra - PeloponneseThessaloníki

Name: Ellâs · Griechenland · Grèce · Grecia
Location: Southeastern Europe
Initials: GRC
International country code: 30
International access code: 00
Language: Greek
Area: 131,957 km² / 50,949 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Euro (€) = 100 Cents
Population: 11,280,000
Capital: Athina
Religions: 97% Greek Orthodox
Climate: Moderate climate. Winters are mild and wet, summers hot and dry.
Important gay cities: Athens, Mykonos, Thessaloniki