Gay Guide Lithuania

The age of consent in Lithuania is 14, as specified by the Lithuanian Criminal Code §153. In January 2009 Lithuania's Parliament approved a censorship bill that sharply curbs the spreading of public information that lawmakers say could harm the mental, physical, intellectual and moral development of youngsters. The bill prohibits any information that encourages homosexual, bi-sexual or polygamous relations. The bill came into effect in March 2010. On the 1st July 2008 the new version of the equal treatment law came into force. The new version of this law extends clearly the range of the discrimination reasons which are to be fought. Six reasons for discrimination: age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, descent, race or ethnic affiliation and religion or conviction, are complemented with a further six inadmissible grounds for discriminations: belief, language, nationality, descent, social standing and approach to life. The political pressure for homosexuals has grown, however. There is an increasing number of efforts to restrict their rights, to the effect that the European Council of Human Rights has called upon Lithuania to change its legal policy. But Lithuania is ignoring the Council's recommendations. Lithuania also tried to curb the rights of homosexuals in keeping with the Russian model in 2013. Holding Pride events could become more problematic in future as a change in the law is aimed at increasing the financial burden for their organizers to such an extent that they would ultimately prove unable to hold the event. After Lithuania re-introduced mandatory services, conscripts are being asked questions to determine their sexuality. The randomly-selected men have to complete a psychological test to asses their suitability. The Lithuanian Minister of Defence Juozas Olekas made very clear in a letter in June stating that the Lithuanian army is open to both heterosexual and homosexual individuals and there is no discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. The Law on Equal Treatment applies to all spheres of public life, including the army. It remains to be seen if the mass exodus of young gay men from the Baltic countries to more gay-friendly EU countries will continue in the future. Lithuania is a wonderful country for travellers, with a capital that invites exploration in place of mere sight-seeing. The gay scene in Vilnius is relatively small but not without its very own charm, just as most aspects of the city and the country. The travel season lasts all year round, even if late spring and summer are the most pleasant periods.

Cities in Lithuania


Name: Lietuva · Litauen · Lituanie · Lituania
Location: Northeast Europe
Initials: LTU
International country code: 370 (omit 8 from area code)
International access code: 8 (wait for tone) 10
Language: Lithuanian
Area: 65,301 km² / 25,174 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Euro (€) = 100 Cents
Population: 3,414,000
Capital: Vilnius (Wilna)
Religions: 77% Roman Catholic
Climate: Spring & summer (May-Sep) are the best times of year to travel in Lithuania.