Gay Guide Luxembourg

The age of consent for heterosexuals and homosexuals in Luxembourg has been 16 years since 1992 (Articles 372 to 378 of the Criminal Code). A partnership law came into force in November 2004, which allows same-sex couples in Luxembourg to register their partnership. The "Déclaration de Partenariat", however, does not mean full equality with marriage, but only tax benefits and joint health and pension insurance for officially recognised partners. Since December 2013, the two most important political posts are held by gay politicians. Xavier Bettel, who lives in a registered partnership is Prime Minister, while Etienne Schneider is Luxembourg's new Deputy Prime Minister. Gay marriage was introduced in summer of 2014, when gays and lesbians also received extensive adoption rights. Luxembourg has a small gay scene, which can mainly to be found in the charming capital.

Cities in Luxembourg


Location: Western Europe
Initials: LUX
International country code: 352 (no area codes)
International access code: 00
Population: 531,000
Capital: Luxembourg-City
Religions: 90% Roman Catholic
Climate: Mild winters and cool summers.