Gay Guide Macedonia (FYRoM)

Homosexuality in Macedonia is legal and the age of consent is 16 although legal provisions which regulate the age of consent do not discuss specifically whether they refer to heterosexuals or homosexuals. In such a case, Macedonian experts believe, this can be interpreted in a way that the age of consent for same-sex relations is also 16. Changes to the law regarding homosexuality do not reflect a raised public awareness, nor are they an act of goodwill on the part of the Macedonian law and decision makers. It was in the process of becoming full member of the Council of Europe that Macedonia was "forced" to change its Criminal Law in a way that it would no longer discriminate against same-sex conduct and that its provisions on sexual offences would no longer distinguish between heterosexual and homosexual acts. An attempt to change the constitution, which now makes marriage the exclusive reserve of opposite-sex couples, failed to gain the required two thirds majority in 2013. In 2014, the ruling party embarked on another attempt to occasion a change in the constitution. The outcome had not been decided by the time of going to press. The Macedonian LGBT movement is organized and led by the Centre for Civil and Human Rights, based in Skopje. This civil association was the very first - and so far the only one in Macedonia - that openly deals with the rights of sexual minorities. In August 2002 this Centre, in collaboration with the Macedonian Helsinki Committee, carried out the first official and recorded research into public opinion regarding homosexuality. The results of this research show that in Macedonia it is still a wide-held standpoint that homosexuality is something abnormal - an illness or psychological disturbance that directly violates traditional and family values. It is recommended to avoid displays of affection in public even in places which might seem to be gay-friendly.

Cities in Macedonia (FYRoM)


Name: Makedonija · Mazedonien · Macedoine
Location: Southern Central Europe
Initials: MKD
International country code: 389 (omit 0 of area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Bosnian
Area: 25.173 km² / 48391.34 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Denar (MKD) = 100 Deni
Population: 2,106,000
Capital: Skopje
Religions: Macedonian Orthodox (70%), Muslims (25%), other (3%)
Climate: Temperate climate. The best weather for a visit is from June to August.