Gay Guide Montenegro

The age of consent in Montenegro is 14 for all. Homosexual acts are legal, but are subject to many taboos. Montenegro's constitution explicitly excludes homosexual marriage. In 2019, a law will be submitted to parliament to make registered civil partnerships possible - but without the right to adoption. However, homosexuality is a social taboo, so that a gay scene exists only in secret. Since the invention of the internet, the formerly established meeting places (parks, train stations) have become less and less important. Especially young gays in Montenegro hook up exclusively via the relevant homepages like Smokva (Croatian website) and Gay-Serbia (Serbian/English website) in these days. After a first Pride was cancelled in 2011 due to security concerns, the first Pride Parade of Montenegro took place in Budva in 2013. Unfortunately, the parade, in which 40 people took part, was accompanied by massive protests and 200 partly violent counter-demonstrators. Also in Podgorica there were violent clashes between "nationalists" and the police. 2000 police officers were deployed to protect the 200 Pride participants in the demonstration. In recent years, however, the Pride Parade could take place in peace, as far as is known.

Cities in Montenegro


Location: South-eastern Europe
Initials: MNE
International country code: 381 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 99
Language: Montenegrinish (official language), Crna Gora (local)
Population: 621,000
Capital: Podgorica (Montenegro)
Religions: 75% Serbian-Orthodox, 15% Muslim
Climate: On the coast and in central parts is a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and rainy, clod winters. Snow in the mountains, depending on the altitude.