Gay Guide Montenegro

The age of consent for homo- and heterosexual activities in Montenegro has recently been amended to 18 years for all. Discrimination against gay men and lesbians does not exist, according to the law. Homosexuality is however a social taboo - as a result the gay scene is hidden. The former meeting places (parks, train stations) are loosing popularity due to the presence of internet. Especially young gay men in Montenegro make out dates via the gay internet sites such as Smokva (Croatian site) or Gayserbia (Serbian and English site). After the planned event for 2011 had been called off because of safety concerns, Montenegro's very first Gay Pride parade finally went ahead in Budva in 2013. The parade was attended by 40 people but sadly also accompanied by massive, partly violent protests from 200 counter-demonstrators. Podgorica has unfortunately also witnessed massive violent confrontations between "nationalists" and the police. In the largest such operation of recent years, 2,000 police officers were required to protect 200 Pride marchers during their demonstration.

Cities in Montenegro


Name: Crna Gora · Montenegro · Monténégro
Location: South-eastern Europe
Initials: MNE
International country code: 381 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 99
Language: Montenegrinish (official language), Crna Gora (local)
Area: 13,812 km² / 39,449 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Euro (€) = 100 Cents
Population: 621,000
Capital: Podgorica (Montenegro)
Religions: 75% Serbian-Orthodox, 15% Muslim
Climate: On the coast and in central parts is a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and rainy, clod winters. Snow in the mountains, depending on the altitude.