Gay Guide Romania

The age of consent in Romania for homosexuals is set at 15 years. In June 2001 the government in Romania passed a new law repealing Section 200, referring to sex related offences, in order to eliminate any discrimination based on sexual orientation from the Romanian Penal Code. The President has since signed this law into effect. Romania joined the European Union as a full member on January 1, 2007. Romania will not adopt the Euro as it's currency until at least 2014. Romania remains a country with entrenched homophobia. Discretion is advised for gay and lesbian travellers. The LGBT History Month in February 2013 was attended by several incidents that document the deep hostility Romanian homosexuals are exposed to. After students had been encouraged to take to the streets for LGBT rights on the occasion of LGBT History Month, right-wing groups loudly protested that such incitements should be immediately stopped. The case has already become a political issue and will be discussed in parliament. The showing of a gay-themed movie in Bucharest was interrupted in the same month when 50 extreme right-wing militants stormed the event, uttering threats, filming and photographing the audience, brandishing religious and fascist symbols, and singing the national anthem. Nevertheless, cultural attitudes are slowly beginning to change, and a small gay and lesbian scene is emerging, especially in the capital, Bucharest. The Romanian Orthodox Church and the state are losing some of their control, as young Romanians become more liberal-minded and westernised. Romania is a country of beautiful landscapes, monasteries, mountains and historic cities. Gay and lesbian visitors will be rewarded with genuine hospitality and friendliness. The area of Romania known as Transylvania is a particularly magical destination.

Cities in Romania


Name: România · Rumänien · Roumanie · Rumania
Location: Southeastern Europe
Initials: ROU
International country code: 40 (omit 0 from area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: Romanian
Area: 238,391 km² / 92,043 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Leu (ROL) = 100 Bani
Population: 21,327,000
Capital: Bucuresti
Religions: 87% Romanian Orthodox, 5% Roman Catholic
Climate: Moderate climate. Cold winters and warm summers.
Important gay cities: Bucuresti