Gay Guide Guadalajara - Jalisco

Guadalajara - Jalisco

Guadalajara is a large, thriving, cosmopolitan city (the second largest in Mexico with more than four million inhabitants) with more than 500 years history. It is an important symbol of the Mexican spirit, being the home of Tequila, Mariachis and Charro riding. Past and present live together in this city, also known as the "city of the roses". Unfortunately, due to the influence of the Catholic church, Guadalajara has to continually fight against traditional values, intolerance and old fashioned clichés. Nevertheless, the gay scene keeps growing in this city and it is considered the most prosperous city in Mexico with more than 20 gay bars, modern discos and saunas, as well as their own gay radio program. Puerto Vallarta, which is close to Guadalajara (3 hours by car), offers also a wide range of gay venues and makes this area the "gay belt" of Mexico.

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