Gay Guide Bermuda

In 1994 Bermuda's House of Assembly voted to legalize sex between men over age 18. It seems that this legislation was also passed by the Senate - a written reply to a Parliamentary Question dated 22 March 1999 does not include Bermuda amongst the British "dependent territories" where homosexuality is still illegal. The government nonetheless showed itself alarmed about unfavourable entries in a gay travel guide attesting to the highly negative attitude to homosexuals on the islands. The Department of Tourism responded to the criticism immediately and contacted the travel guide as well as the gay and lesbian organization because it feared that this kind of advice could make potential visitors rethink their decisions. In 2013, parliament passed an anti-discrimination act that makes discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation a punishable offence. The newly elected Prime Minister, Craig Cannonier, has simultaneously pledged that gay marriage will definitely not be introduced during his term in office. A referendum regarding the introduction of a registered partnership was rejected in 2016 with a large majority. As the electoral participation was less than 50%, the referendum was not formally binding, but in view of the strong rejection, this topic has been erased from the political agenda. Bermuda is not in the Caribbean. The island is situated in the western Atlantic Ocean, nearly 600 nautical miles off the coast of North Carolina, USA.

Cities in Bermuda


Location: Western Atlantic Ocean
Initials: BMU
International country code: 441 (no area codes)
International access code: 011
Language: English, Portuguese
Area: 53 km² / 20,5 sq mi.
Currency: Bermudian Dollar (BD$)
Population: 64,806
Capital: Hamilton
Religions: Christian (28% Anglican, 15% Roman Catholic)
Climate: Apr-Oct for best weather and warmest water, ideal for diving.