Gay Guide Vanuatu

Vanuatu, "the land that rises from the ocean", has seen the development of a small gay scene. The capital, Port-Vila, is a small town of 34,000 inhabitants, mostly Melanesians, but also Polynesians, Europeans, Vietnamese and Chinese. Melanesians traditionally have little difficulty dealing with homosexuality. We have no exact information on the legal situation here, but it is supposedly more liberal on Vanuatu than on neighbouring islands. This is the perfect place for spending beautiful, quiet and relaxed holidays.

Cities in Vanuatu


Location: Oceania
Initials: VUT
International country code: 678 (no area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: English, French, Bichelamar
Area: 12,190 km² / 4,706 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Vatu (VT)
Population: 247,000
Capital: Port-Vila (on Efate)
Religions: 80% Christian
Climate: Tropical climate that is effected by southeast trade winds.