Gay Guide Caribbean - Barbados

Homosexuality is illegal in Barbados, the law was only renewed and confirmed in 1992. It also affects heterosexual anal sex. Such acts between persons aged 16 and above are punishable by up to life imprisonment. Besides Guyana and Trinidad&Tobago, Barbados thus had the most inhumane LGBT legislation in the Americas until the latter amended its law in 2018. However, the law is rarely practiced and gays are not prosecuted by the police. Nevertheless, the local gay scene is hidden from the public. Gay life takes place mainly on the south coast (St. Michael, Christ Church) and on the west coast (St. James - Batts Rock), but there is no openly gay scene. Cruising takes place on the beach or by eye contact from car to car. "Thanksgiving Festival" in July and the so-called "Artist Festival" in November are worth a special mention. The gay islanders are mostly rather conservative or try to maintain a conservative facade. You should remember this when talking to them. Apart from that, the islanders are very friendly, especially to tourists, and it shouldn't be difficult to make contact. Gay parties take place all year round in different places. The information about them is passed on discretely, in order to preserve the venues that even can change at short notice.

Cities in Caribbean - Barbados


Name: Barbade
Location: Caribbean
Initials: BRB
International country code: 1 246 (no area codes)
International access code: 011
Language: English
Currency: 1 Barbados Dollar (BDS$) = 100 Cents
Population: 283,000
Capital: Bridgetown
Religions: 52% Protestant, 4% Roman Catholic
Climate: Tropical climate. Best during the cooler, drier months (Feb-May). The rainy season is from Jun-Oct.