Gay Guide Caribbean - Cuba

The Cuban penal code does not mention any age of consent. The Article 303 of the penal code states however, that the display of homosexuality in public is illegal. For this reason, we suggest you exhibit caution in public when you are with locals, especially on the streets of Havana and the beach Santa Maria where you find police patrols. The police seem mainly interested in controlling locals who are seen with tourists, instead of combating local criminality against tourists, which has sadly increased. However, Mariela Castro, head of the National Center for Sex Education and the daughter of Raúl, aims to propose a bill to legalize same-sex unions to parliament. The above-mentioned centre also achieved a resolution by the public health ministry in June 2008, where the Cuban authorities passed a bill authorizing free sex-change operations for qualifying persons. Local Cubans are extremely friendly and sexual contacts can easily be made, although a financial interest on the part of the locals is often a motivating factor. Although the UN general assembly recently urged the US government to lift the financial, economic, and commercial blockade against Cuba, President Obama has extended the 18-year-old blockade one more year. There are two currencies in Cuba: the Peso Convertible (CUC) for all tourists and the Cuban Peso for the locals. Avoid travelling with US Dollars, as these are not worth much when converted in Cuba and high fees are charged.

Cities in Caribbean - Cuba

HolguínLa Habana

Name: Kuba
Location: Caribbean
Initials: CUB
International country code: 53 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 119
Language: Spanish
Area: 110,860 km² / 42,803 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Cuban Peso (Cub$) = 100 Centavos
Population: 11,271,000
Capital: La Habana
Religions: 60% Roman Catholic, 5% Protestant
Climate: The hot, rainy season is from May-Oct. Winter (Dec-Apr) is the island's peak tourist season.