Gay Guide Caribbean - Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe belongs to France and is thus member of the European Union. The legal situation is the same as in France. Same-sex marriage is legal here as well since 2013. Two for one is the motto here: the island in the Caribbean consists of two parts connected by large mangrove forests. On the one hand the flat, covered in white sand Grande-Terre with the economic centre and international airport in Pointe-à-Pitre (direct flights to Paris several times per day). On the other hand Basse-Terre consisting of black sand and tropical vegetation due to the active volcano on the island. The offshore islands Marie-Galante (still very pristine) and Les Saintes (very touristy but providing honeymoon accommodation, offering bays and beaches) are worth a visit. On the main islands the volcano, large and small waterfalls, the diving reserve Jacques Cousteau, colorful markets, distilleries and colonial witnesses await you. The standard of living and the infrastructure are good thanks to the mother country and the EU, as is the medical care. The best budget accommodation system is 'Gîtes de France'.

Cities in Caribbean - Guadeloupe

Saint FrançoisSainte Anne

Name: Guadalupe
Location: Caribbean
Initials: GLP
International country code: 590 (no area codes)
International access code: 00
Population: 403,300
Capital: Basse-Terre
Religions: 90% Roman Catholic
Climate: Warm weather year-round. The evenings are coolest in winter (Dec-Feb). Wettest months are Jul-Nov which is also hurricane season.