Gay Guide Venezuela

Homosexuality is not illegal in Venezuela, but there are no specific laws offering protection. Different organizations are working together to obtain the proper recognition of the gay community rights. As there is not a specific law regarding homosexuality, there is no specification about the age of consent for same-sex relations, but the age of adulthood is 18. The Supreme Court dealt LGBT activists a severe setback in 2008 with its august decision that neither gay marriage nor registered partnerships are constitutional. Caracas, Valencia and Porlamar are the most tolerant cities with regard to homosexuality and the country as a whole is becoming more tolerant. Although discrimination exists, Venezuela is not a dangerous place for gays and lesbians. Venezuelans are kind and have a special sense of humour that favours tolerance and comprehension. Venezuela offers a lot of interesting places to visit: jungles, plains, beaches, mountains and cities. Some guest houses and hotels openly welcome gay couples and there are even some accommodation venues which are exclusively gay. Night life is quite open and it is possible to find exclusive places for the LGBT public in all large cities. Because of the current political and economical situation in Venezuela, it is not unusual to come in contact with local demonstrations and protest marches.

Cities in Venezuela

Caracas - Distrito CapitalIsla de Margarita - Estado Nueva EspartaMaracaibo - Estado ZuliaValencia - Estado Carabobo

Location: South America
Initials: VEN
International country code: 58 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Spanish, in some areas Indian languages
Area: 912,050 km² / 353,841 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Bolívar (vB) = 100 Céntimos
Population: 29,955,000
Capital: Caracas
Religions: more than 90% Roman Catholic
Climate: Hot and humid tropical climate which is more moderate in the highlands.
Important gay cities: Caracas