Gay Guide Venezuela

The age of consent is 18 years. Homosexuality is not illegal in Venezuela. The constitution protects the rights of gays and lesbians under a general anti-discrimination law. Various organizations are active in the struggle for social recognition of gays and lesbians, in particular the Alianza Lambda de Venezuela. In 2008, the Supreme Court gave LGBT activists a severe blow by ruling that marriage for all and registered partnerships are incompatible with the constitution. In November 2017, President Nicolás Maduro declared his support for the opening of marriage. Less than a year later, it became known that there were discussions about including marriage for all in Venezuela's new constitution. However, work on the new constitution is a work still in progress. The adoption law discriminates against homosexuals, they are excluded from the military - and transsexuals have only been able to apply for an additional identity card since 2016, which does not have to state their gender at birth. Prior to this, it was impossible for the authorities to issue such a document. Caracas, Mérida, Maracaíbo, Valencia, Maturín and Barquisimeto are the most tolerant cities, although homosexuals are respected throughout the country. There may be isolated cases of discrimination, but in general Venezuelan gays and lesbians can feel safe. Venezuela has a very diverse landscape. It is said that all continents are represented in the country: In the morning you can lie on a tropical beach, in the evening you can admire snow-covered mountains. The country has many facets worth a visit: Jungle, mountains, savannahs, dream beaches, lakes, wild rivers, big cities and small villages. There are bars that are gay-friendly or even exclusive to gays. In all big cities there are meeting places for gays and lesbians like bars, discos, saunas, parks or shopping centres. The events organised for and by homosexuals on certain occasions, such as the Carnaval, are very popular.

Cities in Venezuela

Caracas - Distrito CapitalIsla de Margarita - Estado Nueva EspartaMaracaibo - Estado ZuliaValencia - Estado Carabobo

Location: South America
Initials: VEN
International country code: 58 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Spanish, in some areas Indian languages
Population: 29,955,000
Capital: Caracas
Religions: more than 90% Roman Catholic
Climate: Hot and humid tropical climate which is more moderate in the highlands.
Important gay cities: Caracas