Gay Guide Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth largest island of the world, situated in the Indian Ocean. It is a unique island not only in regard to its biodiversity – with lemurs and chameleons the best known representatives - but also due to the culture strongly influenced by Asian people. Indonesian sailors discovered the island and started settling the still uninhabited island in 6th century. Today, 18 million people are living on the island which was colonized by the French for 164 years. Madagascar got independent in 1960. Homosexuality is nearly not visible in Madagascar and as such more or less unknown. No legislation concerning same sex relations are existent, means also, that homosexuality is not illegal. On the other hand, cross-dressing does exist, even in remote areas, but these people are not regarded as homosexuals. Age of consent is 21 and prostitution with minors is persecuted. No explicitly gay places exist, but Hilton Hotel and Mojo Club are popular, also for gays to meet and socialise.

Cities in Madagascar


Name: Madagaskar
Location: Southeast Africa
Initials: MDG
International country code: 261 (omit 0 from area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: Malagasy, French
Area: 587,041 km² / 226,597 sq mi
Currency: Malagasy Ariary (Ar) = 5 Iraimbilanja
Population: 22,294,000
Capital: Antananarivo
Religions: 50% traditional religion, 41% Christians
Climate: Wet season from Jan-Mar when roads are often unpassable.

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