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Chiang Mai

The gay scene in Chiang Mai is smaller than in Bangkok, but no less exciting and unique. Situated north of the Old City, the area around Santitham Road in the Changphuak district is home to several gay bars, karaoke bars, a sauna and a few massage studios. The dance clubs in the Santitham area are mainly frequented by locals. Foreigners tend to frequent the famous SPICY at Taipei Gate and the dance clubs in the Nimannhaemin area.
The second hotspot of the gay scene is the famous night market of Chiang Mai. Especially on the main street of Charoenprathet, on Charoenprathet Avenue 6 and in the shopping malls Night Bazaar and Kalare, you can find various small bars, some of them with pool tables. Gay massage studios are spread all over the city.
Chiang Mai is a very open-minded city where lesbians and gays are well integrated. Many ladyboys feel safe and accepted in Chiang Mai.
Mplus in Chiang Mai does an excellent educational work to protect against HIV. This organisation provides free tests, condoms and lubricants. At regular intervals, the Mplus team goes around the bars and clubs to test the people working there for free.

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