Gay Guide Albania

The age of consent is 14 for all. The country's anti-discrimination law was amended in 2010 to also include homosexuality, as part of the country's efforts to join the EU. A gay partnership bill announced by the Albanian government in 2009 has foundered on the massive opposition of Muslim, Orthodox and Christian religious groups. Even though the Albanian society has undergone some major changes in the last couple of years, the public attitude towards gays is still thoroughly determined by the homophobic propaganda spread under the Stalinist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha. According to a new European study from 2013, Albania is to be regarded as Europe's most homophobic country. Over 50 % of the population think that homosexuals should be prohibited from following their inclinations. Due to this outdated homophobia there is no gay scene in this country and the venues listed in this guide aren't gay, but are popular with the local gays. Being gay still is a taboo and most gay men don't dare to out themselves. We recommend to be discreet and not to hold hands or kiss in public, as people may be offended. Nevertheless, homosexual acts are legal thanks to the work of the "The Association Gay Albania" group and also the ILGA in Brussels. Tirana offers some venues of Western standard and there is a relatively reliable system of public transport. At night however, it is safer to take a taxi, because crime rates remain high despite the action undertaken by the government. The country itself has a lot to offer: beautiful landscapes and beaches, ancient historical sites and of course the mild Mediterranean climate.

Cities in Albania


Name: Shqipėria · Albanien · Albanie
Location: Southeast Europe
Initials: ALB
International country code: 355 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Albanian, Greek
Area: 28,748 km² / 11,100 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Lek = 100 Qindarka
Population: 3,162,000
Capital: Tiranė
Religions: 70% Muslim, 30% Christians
Climate: Mild and moderate. Winters are cool, cloudy and wet, summers hot, clear and dry. The interior is cooler and wetter.

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