Gay Guide Austria

Austria is no longer one of the worst countries in Europe when it comes to the rights of gays and lesbians. Many developments - not least as a result of pressure from the EU - have been set in motion since Austria became a member. Discriminatory criminal laws have been abolished and replaced by the new age of consent of 16 years for all. An anti-discrimination law has also been established. Gays and lesbians in Austria can register their partnership since 1.1.2010 . Homosexual initiatives and RosaLila Panthers want to fight for complete equality. On 1 January 2016, Austria lifted the ban on joint adoption by registered partners. According to the LGBT organisation „Rechtskomittee Lambda“, there are still 45 rules between marriage and registered partnerships that differ. In December 2017, the ban on gay marriage was found unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court and marriage must therefore open to all by 1 January 2019. Meanwhile, not only the federal capital Vienna has a Pride event (although Rainbow Parade on Ring Road probably has the most magnificent route in the world) - but also the cities of Innsbruck and Linz. The Pink Lake Festival in Carinthia takes place every year - a European event of the gay community. But even outside these major events Austria's cities have a rich offer of gay (sub-)culture. You can find just anyting you wish for. Austria is a very hospitable country and a lot to offer, might it be landscapes or culture. Don't miss the famous Austrian cuisine and especially the coffee houses (Kaffeehäuser) and their very specific charm.

Cities in Austria

DornbirnEllmauFinkenbergGrazHermagorInnsbruckKolbnitzLech am ArlbergLinzSalzburgScheffau am Wilden KaiserWien

Location: Central Europe
Initials: AUT
International country code: 43 (omit from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: German
Population: 8,462,000
Capital: Wien
Religions: 66% Catholic, 4% Protestants, 4% Muslims
Climate: Alpine climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters.
Important gay cities: Wien

Top Hotels

Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar

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Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar

The team of Ruby Marie does its best to make the most of your stay in Vienna. The 24/7 bar offers a rooftop terrace, dangerously good drinks and free guitars to rent for your own private jam session... more

Ruby Lissi Hotel & Bar

The Ruby Lissi Hotel is centrally located in the heart of Vienna’s first district. Within walking distance of both St.Stephen’s Cathedral and Schwedenplatz, the Lean Luxury Hotel with richly appointed rooms offers the ideal home base for all travel occasions in Austria’s capital... more