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Antwerp is the most important harbour city in Belgium and is recognized as the world's most important trading centre for diamonds. Many famous artists came from this city, including Rubens, van Dyck and Bruegel. Antwerp is famous for its distinctive lifestyle. The unique ambiance of Antwerp has attracted many talented artists and fashion designers to the city in the last few years. Famous sights include the market place (Grote Markt), the boulevard (Cogels-Osylei), the central station (Centraal Station), a ship museum (Stehen) and the Jewish quarter. Gay life is situated in the old city centre, between Stadspark, the main train station and Plantin- and Van Dijckkaai. Worth a mention are the numerous bars and leather clubs around the Van Aerdtstraat with their impressionable darkrooms. Leather scene tourist flood the city at the weekends.

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