Gay Guide København - Øresund

København - Øresund

Copenhagen is the Mecca for gay men in northern Europe, many of whom come to the annual Gay Parade in August or the MIX Copenhagen - LGBT Film Festival in October, celebrating as one of the few in the world for 30 years. The city is known for its fun and enjoyment of life. A plus is that most places are within walking distance. Despite the compactness the gay scene here is relatively large. Copenhagen is a cheerful, open city fully of diversity with friendly inhabitants and an "unspoilt" and natural gay scene. Even on a dark and rainy winters day there are a range of shopping possibilities or cafés where one can simply relax. For those who seek adventure the train to and from Malmö /Sweden takes only 35 minutes, thanks to the new bridge between Denmark and Sweden, which opens a whole range of new possibilities in the Öresund-Region, an enrichment from which both cities can profit.

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