Gay Guide Finland

The age of consent is 16 for homosexuals and heterosexuals in Finland. Discrimination against homosexuals is a criminal offence. The law of registered partnership came into force in 2002, according to which male/male and female/female registered couples have almost all the rights and obligations that married heterosexual couples have except the right to adoption. After a gay marriage bill had been voted down by the Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee in February 2013, activists resorted to a petition to enforce its consideration and decision by vote in Parliament. The initiative had already gathered the required signatures twice over on the very first day and also established a new record by collecting the greatest number of signatures ever achieved by an initiative. After a long tug-of-war within the Parliament, the question of gay marriage has been clarified and from March 2017 homosexuals can legally marry and have common adoption rights. General attitude towards gays and lesbians is tolerant, at least in big cities and among younger people. Every major city has a more or less active gay organization, which almost all are part of the state-supported national organization SETA. Travelling in Finland is quite expensive but easy with good train and flight connections.

Cities in Finland


Name: Suomi · Finnland · Finlande · Finlandia
Location: Northern Europe
Initials: FIN
International country code: 358 (omit first 0 of area codes)
International access code: 00, 990, 994 or 999
Language: Finnish (92%), Swedish (5,6%)
Area: 338,144 km² / 130,558 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Euro (€) = 100 Cents
Population: 5,414,000
Capital: Helsinki/Helsingfors
Religions: 76% Protestant
Climate: The warmer weather in spring & summer (May-Sep) is the best time to visit. Summer attraction is the midnight sun.
Important gay cities: Helsinki

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