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The age of consent in Norway is 16 years of age. On the 11th June 2008 the Norwegian Parliament voted overwhelmingly to approve a bill, despite opposition from the Christian Democrats and Progress Party, which recognizes both partners in a marriage as equal parents and gives lesbian couples the same access to "medically assisted reproduction" as opposite-sex couples. The Lutheran Church, to which almost 80% of the Norwegians belong to, allowed since 2015 church weddings of homosexual couples. The Norwegian scene is concentrated in the cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, and here you will find exclusively gay bars. In smaller towns it is common for the discos to hold a gay/lesbian night once a week. The atmosphere here is, however, so gay-friendly that gays and lesbians are socialising more and more with straight people, to the point that mixed meeting places are gradually becoming the norm. Norway has one very interesting and professional gay publication: the news & entertainment magazine "Blikk".

Cities in Norway


Name: Norge · Norwegen · Norvège · Noruega · Norvegia
Location: Northern Europe
Initials: NOR
International country code: 47 (no area codes)
International access code: 00
Language: Norwegian
Area: 323,759 km² / 125,049 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Norwegian Kroner (nkr) = 100 Øre
Population: 5,019,000
Capital: Oslo
Religions: 81% Protestant (Lutherian state Church), 4% other Protestants
Climate: Norway is at its best in summer (May-Sep). Between late May and late July is the so-called "midnight sun" evident especially north of the Artic Circle.
Important gay cities: Oslo

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